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Personalized diabetes care from home

Connected meter & testing supplies, doctor-led program, and 1:1 personalized coaching to help get you in control of your diabetes

7 days a week
Covered by Medicare
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The Perry Health Program

Testing supplies delivered
7 days a week remote monitoring
A doctor - led program
1:1 personalized coaching

How it works

We’re in this together at every step of the journey

Meet your Care Team and Coach

A clinician will complete a full health review and work with you to understand your goals and put you on a path to success. You’ll also meet your Accountability Coach who will work with you through every victory, setback and comeback.

Get your connected meter and strips

Measure your blood glucose as your need without worry. Your readings are instantly sent to your care team who will reach out if anything needs attention. We'll also send you new strips to your door when needed.

Set goals and schedule check-ins

You’ll meet with a nutritional expert frequently in addition to your coach who will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to get your blood sugar under control.

Get Results

Our members saw a 2.5 point reduction of A1c within their first 12 months. Feel improvements in energy, stamina, exercise and all-around health.

Am I eligible?

Consistenly happy users

A godsend!

“Perry has been a Godsend for me. All the nurses are kind and caring. It really is reassuring to know that I have such a great team on my side as I deal with my diabetes. Thanks so much for all you do.”


Excellent support.

It is so good to have to be accountable for your actions when it comes to maintaining your blood glucose levels. The monthly wellness checks are very helpful in setting goals for yourself. I have been successful in bringing my A1C from 8.2 to 6.3.


A godsend!

“Perry has been a Godsend for me. All the nurses are kind and caring. It really is reassuring to know that I have such a great team on my side as I deal with my diabetes. Thanks so much for all you do.”


How Perry Health can help

Support at every stage

Whether you're newly diagnosed or have had diabetes for years, Perry is your partner in controlling your blood sugar and lowering A1c.

Testing supplies, delivered

No more paying out of pocket or counting strips, your supplies will show up at your door.

Care from home

No unnecessary travel or time off of work. Your care team is just a text or call away, 7-days a week.

Expert clinical care

We don't replace your doctor, but support you between visits with personalized coaching and monitoring.

Am I eligible?

Questions? We have answers

How do I sign up for Perry Health?

If you are interested in Perry Health’s services, you can call us at (855) 525-1350 and one of our Enrollment Specialists will ask you a few questions about your medical history to determine if you qualify. The process doesn’t take more than a few minutes, and the Enrollment Specialist can answer any questions you may have.

What happens after I sign up?

Your Enrollment Specialist will schedule you for an introduction with your Accountability Coach, who will further gather some additional information about your medical history and determine your goals. Your Coach will help to schedule various consultations with our clinical team and dietitians, who will help guide you on your journey to lower you A1c. You'll meet with your coach a couple times a month for 10-15 minutes, as well as have structured 30 minute meetings with our clinical and dietary team. We'll also ship out your cellular connected Blood Glucose Meter and strips and supplies will be regularly delivered to you. If your readings ever trigger an alert in our system, a member of the clinical team will reach out immediately.

Who is eligible to join Perry Health?

Seniors 65yo and older, with Medicare Part-B or an eligible Medicare Advantage Plan are eligible to receive Perry Health's services at little to no out of pocket costs.

How much does Perry cost?

Due to the Public Health Emergency as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, there are no out of pocket costs for Perry Health if you are on an eligible Medicare or Medicare Advantage plan.

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